Association of Secondary Ticket Agents
This is a great idea that will allow local businesses a new way of advertising while at the same time raise awareness of the charities that are working in our communities. 
— Paul Rea
This concept is innovative and worthwhile.  Smaller charities often struggle to get the funding they need to deliver services in our communities.  Businesses advertising on this site gives them profile but will also help raise the profile of those charities and hopefully, get them the funding and donations they deserve.
— Collette Burton
This is a great platform for businesses to advertise their services while at the same time helping to generate exposure for the invaluable work that those smaller charities do in our communities.   
— David Birkett
The charity sector is experiencing very challenging times, with ever more competition for funding and donations at a time when the public are already having to make savings. Very often, it is the bigger charities that get donations because they are more well-known and because they can fund big advertising campaigns. Smaller charities often miss out because they dont have the resources to advertise their work so anything that helps advertise the work of those smaller charities is a great thing - they are the charities that have a real impact around the communities where we live and work.  Businesses that help create awareness of those charities show that those businesses care about the communities in which they provide their services.
— Wendy Michaels