Small Charity Week - Why Is It Important?

Small Charity Week - Why Is It Important?

15th Mon, Jun, 2020

Below are some facts about the charity sector in England and Wales:

·        There are over 168,000 registered charities in England and Wales

·        Small charities (i.e. with an annual income under £100,000) make up over 75% of that 168,000

·        Registered charities generated over £79bn in income in 2018-19

·        Small charities received less than 3% of that income.

Those small charities carry out a range of charitable activities: from supporting children through cancer treatment and adults with learning difficulties to find employment, to caring for and protecting animals, to creating educational and environmental projects, developing community cohesion and housing or supporting the homeless.  This short list of charitable activities is by no means exhaustive and everywhere we look there will a small charity working hard in our communities simply trying to make the world a better place.

Much of the work of small charities is undertaken by volunteers, selflessly dedicating their time and effort to help others.   Their work often goes unnoticed…but they do it anyway.  Their work is often done without recognition…but they do it anyway.  

Over the past 11 years, organisations supporting small charities have set aside one week for us to celebrate, support, champion and appreciate our small charities.  This week is SMALL CHARITY WEEK.  It is important that we raise awareness of the small charities actively striving to make our communities better places to live and work.

The COVID19 pandemic has had a huge effect on everyone’s lives.  Our small charities are no exception as funding has dried up; logistics to continue to help beneficiaries that they serve and planning for the short to medium term future has been that much more difficult.  As lockdown restrictions are easing across England and Wales, now is an opportune moment for us to think about those small charities and the people and communities they serve.  Let’s do what we can, firstly, to help raise awareness of our small charities and the vital role they play in people’s lives.  Then, please take time to help either raise funds for them, donate goods, services or time.  #smallbutvital #NeverMoreNeeded

Here at Social Responsibility, our aim is to raise aware of small charities but we also want to inspire trust in businesses that support our objectives and adopt socially responsible practices.  This will give them a competitive edge as they likely generate most of their custom from the communities in which they operate, so it is helpful if they are aware of and support the small charities operating in those communities.  A joined up business and charity network makes for strong, cohesive, engaged communities.  We advise businesses that there a number of ways that they can realise their corporate social responsibility through community engagement, such as sponsorship of a local charity event, volunteering their expertise, products or services in a local charity project or facilitating payroll giving.

This week, Social Responsibility will be spotlighting the work of a few small charities to help raise the profile of small charities everywhere and the incredible work they do.

Check out listings of small charities across England and Wales on to find small charities close to you.

Please also check out the range of activities available to get involved with during Small Charity Week at