News Item - Community Engagement and the Benefits of Social Responsibility

News Item - Community Engagement and the Benefits of Social Responsibility

17th Fri, Jan, 2020

Corporate social responsibility helps businesses drive positive social change.  Businesses that advertise on the new Social Responsibility website can tangibly demonstrate their commitment to raising awareness about the many charities at work in our local communities and putting the good work that those charities do into the spotlight. 

It will show that those businesses adopt social responsibility practices and care about their small, local charities.  It will also help enhance the reputation of those businesses and as local customers are often the best customers, this will also give those businesses a competitive edge. 

Community engagement is another key ingredient of corporate social responsibility.  Here are some other practical tips for businesses to achieve effective community involvement:   

Get involved in community projects:

  • support a local charity with financial contributions
  • sponsor a local event
  • volunteer in local schools or community projects

Get involved in the community in a way that allows you use your expertise or is related to your product or service:

  • donate labour, materials, advice or guidance 

Engage your employees and help develop their personal and professional development:

  • support charities chosen by your staff
  • allow staff paid time off to volunteer with charities
  • facilitate staff being able to make tax-free donations to charity through ‘payroll giving’