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What is Equity Release?

22nd Thu, Jul, 2021

There are two types of equity release; Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion plans. Both of these are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. By using an equity release product, a home owner…

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) - Why LPA Now?

13th Tue, Jul, 2021

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many families, with the sudden loss of loved ones.  Against this backdrop and coupled with the extra free time that lockdown has afforded people…

Small Business Accounting - Top Tips

21st Mon, Jun, 2021

Running your own small business can be liberating: setting your own timetable, business values and culture, goals and objectives.  However, there are many pitfalls that lie in wait, not least of which…

Mortgages - a financial minefield?

21st Mon, Jun, 2021

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you are likely to make in your lifetime.  Before you arrange your mortgage, you need to make sure you know what…

Spotlight: Registered Charity No. 1166880 – CHRYSALIS AT TYNEDALE

14th Mon, Jun, 2021

Below, we find out just what makes Chrysalis at Tynedale in Northumberland so important...

What is the charity’s background and objects?

Chrysalis at Tynedale (HOME | Chrysalis Tynedale ( was born in 2009 when…

Spotlight: Registered Charity No. 1170924 – BOOTLE TOOL SHED

14th Mon, Jun, 2021

Below, we find out just what makes Bootle Tool Shed in Merseyside so important...

What are the charity’s background and objects?

Registered as a charity in December 2016, Bootle Tool Shed (Bootle Tool…

Small Charity Week 2021

14th Mon, Jun, 2021

This week is #SmallCharityWeek  – a chance to raises awareness of the essential work of the small charity sector, who make an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals,…

Hydrocephalus Awareness Week

12th Fri, Mar, 2021

To help raise the profile Hydrocephalus Awareness Week this week, we have produced a short but informative article:

What is Hydrocephalus?

  • Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid in the brain. The excess fluid puts…

Spotlight: Registered Charity No. 1152064 – HALTON COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (The Centre @ Halton)

29th Fri, Jan, 2021

This week is Village Halls Week (#VillageHallsWeek) a chance to spotlight, champion and celebrate the 10,000+ village halls and community hubs across England and Wales and the 100…

Spotlight: Registered Charity No. 1126811 – HUNTINGDONSHIRE VOLUNTEER CENTRE (HVC)

9th Wed, Dec, 2020

Today, we highlight the work of this fantastic charity and get to know a little bit more about how it strengthens the communities in which it operates.  We meet Ann Bunting, the…

Retirement Planning – How much is enough?

12th Thu, Nov, 2020

Retirement is one of the most important life events you’ll experience and getting it right takes planning. Current world events have brought retirement planning more sharply into focus in…

Carbon Neutrality – Is this still on the agenda?

3rd Tue, Nov, 2020

Many businesses, local authorities and central governments had already committed to drive forward carbon neutrality and climate emergency plans when coronavirus hit. Covid19 has, understandably, taken the lion’s…

Spotlight: Registered Charity No. 1183086 – HARRY'S HYDROCEPHALUS AWARENESS TRUST (Harry’s HAT)

19th Mon, Oct, 2020

Today, we catch up with Caroline, co-founder of Harry’s HAT, to find out a little more about this charity, why it was set up and what the charity’s plans are.

Caroline currently works…

About Dementia

15th Thu, Oct, 2020

Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) associated with an ongoing decline of brain functioning. This may include problems with:

  • memory loss
  • thinking speed
  • mental sharpness and quickness 
  • language
  • understanding
  • judgement
  • mood 
  • movement
  • difficulties carrying out daily activities

There are many…

Spotlight: Registered Charity No. 1170519 - BANBURYSHIRE CITIZEN PROJECT

13th Thu, Aug, 2020

Interview with Andy Willis, Founder and Trustee of registered charity Banburyshire Citizen Project

Andy suffers from dyspraxia, a brain developmental disorder that affects motor skills and co-ordination and sometimes, cognitive skills.

Despite being undiagnosed…

Losing the Ones We Love – A Brief Guide to the Steps to be Taken in the Event of a Death

8th Wed, Jul, 2020

Losing a loved one is a hugely emotional experience yet, at what is a time of deep grief, some important and difficult decisions still need to be made. 

It is very easy to…

Breaking Taboos - Talking About Wills

8th Wed, Jul, 2020

Many people believe that to write a will is to focus on the unthinkable and as a consequence, it is something that many people put off.  Yes, it may seem a morbid…

Spotlight – Registered Charity No. 1146884 - YORKSHIRE CHILDREN'S TRUST

18th Thu, Jun, 2020

Interview with Simon Widdop – Charity Founder and Trustee

Simon’s background is in the catering industry, largely working in pubs and restaurants.  As a young student learning his craft at college, he created…

Spotlight – Registered Charity No. 1166652 SKILLS 4 WORK (GATESHEAD) LIMITED

16th Tue, Jun, 2020

Interview with Tracey Wallace, Development Director

Tracey’s background includes working in the further education sector as a Lecturing Course…

Small Charity Week - Why Is It Important?

15th Mon, Jun, 2020

Below are some facts about the charity sector in England and Wales:

Mental Health Awareness Week, 18 - 24 May: Kindness

19th Tue, May, 2020

It's Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK and, given the current worldwide situation, an opportune moment for us to focus on mental health and our own experiences, beliefs and responses.

Stigma around mental…

Raising Spirits in Lockdown - the food delivery and takeaway sector

27th Mon, Apr, 2020

Hopefully, by now, we all know what we all need to continue to do to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.  The government…

Tough Times Ahead

19th Thu, Mar, 2020

Here at Social Responsibility we appreciate that there are difficult social and economic times ahead.  Amid the calls for social distancing, self-isolation and careful hygeine routines, some people are understandably anxious about the scale, force…

News Item - Community Engagement and the Benefits of Social Responsibility

17th Fri, Jan, 2020

Corporate social responsibility helps businesses drive positive social change.  Businesses that advertise on the new Social Responsibility website can tangibly demonstrate their commitment to raising awareness about the many charities at work…